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7 key transformational patterns for a successful Agile PMO


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Presenter: Richard Knaster
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Many corporations have adopted lean and agile practices for their teams, but fail to realize the full benefits. The PMO is still operating in the old Waterfall system. "A bad system will beat a good person every time," said Deming.

The PMO can have enormous influence in the enterprise and accelerate agile transformations, or they can become a huge impediment. PMOs must transform, so the entire system can become lean-agile. We put the PMO at odds with Agile teams when we don't invest in transforming them. Keeping a traditional PMO system will ultimately lead to agile teams working in a dysfunctional, "Water-Scrum-Fail" way. This puts your company at risk of becoming irrelevant in this fast paced digital economy.

What does the PMO need to change? It's actually quite simple. They must adopt these 7 proven transformational patterns:

#1 - Decentralized decision-making over Centralized control
#2 - Continuous value flow over Project overload
#3 - Lightweight business cases over Detailed project plans
#4 - Decentralized continuous planning over Centralized annual planning
#5 - Agile estimating and planning over WBS planning
#6 - Lean-Agile Budgeting over Project based funding
#7 - Objective fact based measures over Waterfall milestones

Richard Knaster is a Principal Consultant and Lean-Agile Transformation coach. He helps leaders and organizations all over the world transform their organization to be leaner and more agile.


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