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The 7 Most Valuable Leadership Behaviors for Leading Change


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Presenter: Richard Knaster
  • Topic: People
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The enterprise’s executives, leaders, and managers are ultimately responsible for Lean-Agile adoption and success, and ongoing value delivery. Only they can change and continuously improve the systems in which everyone operates. And as Deming notes, “such a responsibility cannot be delegated.”

To accomplish this, managers must become “lean-thinking manager-teachers” who are first trained in Lean, and then train others in these leaner ways of thinking and operating. Management goes from task-based direction, to mission-led direction, along with evolution to the role of a Lean-Agile Leader.

In this Pecha Kucha style talk, we suggest seven key behaviors leaders can focus on to ensure they fulfill their role in the successful adoption, implementation, and evolution of a Lean-Agile Transformation. These include:

1. Exhibit the Lean-Agile Mindset
2. Lead the change
3. Know the way and emphasize lifelong learning.
4. Develop people
5. Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers
6. Decentralize decision-making
7. Evolve the role of the development manager

Richard Knaster is a Principal Consultant, Lean-Agile Transformation coach and a SAFe Fellow. He helps leaders and organizations all over the world transform their organization to be leaner and more agile.


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