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The Power of Value Stream Thinking


  • Submitted: Thu, 2016-07-14 06:18
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Presenter: Richard Knaster
  • Topic: Process
  • Type: 7 Minute Pecha Kucha

Value stream thinking is a critical Lean concept. Without it enterprises fail to develop software and systems that delight customers and fail to organize in a way that optimizes the delivery of value.

To achieve broader change, the entire development value stream—from concept to deployment—must become leaner and more agile, to be more effective and responsive to change. Moreover, the organizational structures, processes and cultures of most businesses were developed over a century ago. They were built for stability, not for speed and agility. Small, incremental changes to how businesses manage, strategize and execute are insufficient to remain competitive.

The key takeaways for this Pecha Kucha style talk are:

— Learn the power of Value Stream thinking
— Learn why functional silos kill agility
— Learn how to organize agile teams for speed and agility within a value stream
— Learn "how to see" with value stream mapping to remove organizational improvements

This is a must talk for the survival of your organization. Companies that understand the urgency to move and adapt faster—and change their ways of working—will succeed. Those that don't will struggle, or simply fade away. For example, Blockbuster, Kodak, Tower Records, Borders, Palm Computing, Nokia, and Compaq were all iconic market leaders that couldn’t adapt to new business models and innovations ahead of their competitors.

  • Thu, 2016-07-14 16:05—Latha Swamy

    powerful topic!!

    This very distinction is key to agile transformation. When one gets it, will start to alter the way they see the world!
    Thanks Richard for doing this!!

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