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Scrum Love


  • Submitted: Tue, 2016-06-28 17:23
  • Updated: Tue, 2016-07-12 21:01
Presenter: Eric Jones
  • Topic: People
  • Type: 7 Minute Pecha Kucha

The idea is a talk around the trials and tribulations of a seasoned scrummaster and using my past experience and lessons learned to make others better. i use my past experience to talk through my acronym of Scrum L.O.V.E

L - Leadership - being a servant leader
O - Ownership - owning mistakes and learning from them
V - Voice - everyone talks, just not everyone uses words
E - Engagement - No one is left behind

Using this acronym I outline the key principles aligned with my lessons learned / experiences to ensure good scrummaster will be great!


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