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Revealing the Key Ingredient to My Agile Secret Sauce: starts with an H and ends with an R


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Presenter: Tana Linback
  • Topic: People
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While there's no standard recipe for maturing agile in an organization, I do have one key ingredient that most agilists don't consider adding to their sauce. This ingredient controls the way performance is evaluated and rewarded, sets the tone for company culture, has the final say on who you hire and who you fire, and trains your leaders and managers.... these things are important to your agile efforts, right? These things are not only very important but are many times the very obstacles in our way of taking our teams to the next level of agility. What's the key ingredient? HR.

As a former HR professional, I'll reveal the real impact this business function has on your team's (or organization's) success or failure in your agile efforts and what to do about it.


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Tana Linback
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