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The elephant in the room: Why people should drive your agile transformation, not process


  • Submitted: Thu, 2016-06-16 04:03
  • Updated: Wed, 2016-06-29 22:35
Presenter: David Morris
  • Topic: People
  • Type: 7 Minute Pecha Kucha

We value "individuals and interactions over processes and tools"? Sure, but most agile transformations start by imposing a strict 'best-practice' process! Is this practice really the best we can do?

This is the elephant in the room. Of course consultancy firms and software vendors would prefer we focus on processes and tools, that's their bread and butter.

Where are our people? What about if we let them drive the change? If we let them choose small things to try and see what works? How would that go?

We can create more buy-in and momentum and ensure that change sticks by combining agile techniques and people-centered change management.

In this Pecha Kucha talk, David shares some experiences of process-led change failing and people-led change succeeding.


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