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What would the world look like if the Nazis had used Scrum?


  • Submitted: Sat, 2016-05-21 22:00
  • Updated: Sat, 2016-05-21 22:00
Presenter: Thomas Perry
  • Topic: Process
  • Type: 5 Minute Lightning Talk

During a recent scrum training session a student asked me a rather startling question, "What would the world look like if the Nazis had used Scrum?"

It was a startling question. At first I was taken completely aback, "What an appalling idea!" I thought. But then as I gave it more consideration, I realized that the question is an excellent test of our ability to articulate just what Scrum is, and how it would change the world (for the better).

In this talk, I make a very brief case for how Scrum might have impacted the society, politics, and military tactics of 1930s Germany - making the case for how Scrum might make the world a better place.


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