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Why Agile Will Win


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Presenter: Ingo Philipp
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Agile development methodologies are on the rise - and surfing on the new wave of digital disruption. Today innovative businesses are forced to exploit IT in order to create new sources of customer value as well as increase their operational agility. As a result, companies are encountering shorter time-to-market, the need for higher quality, quicker feedback from customers and a more flexible reaction to the feedback loop. Agile methodologies seem fairly straight forward and easy to implement. However, organizations continue to struggle in either implementing agile methodologies or scaling up their agile adoption. What needs to be taken into consideration is the need for cooperation during the agile transition and the challenge for your company to evolve while integrating agile methodologies.

So, how should you tackle this?

Join Agile Coach Ingo Philipp to learn about Robert Axelrod’s insights on the very nature of cooperation, and how they can positively impact your agile adoption and transition. Learn about various strategies to allow the cooperation in your organization to evolve even if the environment is hostile. Learn why Axelrod’s findings prove that transitions from traditional development methodologies to agile methodologies will succeed even in big organizations, and that agile approaches will win.


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